Anonymous – Poland

Autism is not a life sentence
We are parents of an 8 year old son, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 years and 3 months. Our son was born on time, scored 10 points on the Apgar scale and until the age of 8 months did not show any abnormalities. At the age of 6 months he stopped breastfeeding. During his development, he missed out the crawling stage and his standing and walking were late.

He showed over sensitivity to touch: he did not tolerate cuddling, hand touch, hair cutting was done only while he was sleeping. At the same time, he appeared not to be sensitive to pain. He did not speak nor express his needs otherwise. He was a pleasant boy, quiet, calm, closed in his own world, playing alone for hours. His favorite activity was moving toy cars observing them very closely. His other activities were schematic and repetitive. He appeared to be indifferent to the appearance of parents and did not react to his own name. His big appetite for all dairy products was significant as well as his lack of typical baby illnesses. He liked his belly to be pressed. Despite the introduction of solid foods he had permanent diarrhea. He was not aware of surrounding dangers e.g. when walking he was not aware of cars passing.

Our son was diagnosed by 2 independent entities and both recommended behavioral treatment (ABA) as a basis. We were given hope neither of recovery nor of an unassisted life for our son. He was sentenced to be handicapped. We did not come to terms with his diagnosis but fulfilling the recommendations we started ABA. This therapy consisting in tenacious repetition of exercises appeared to us inappropriate to the needs of our boy and even detrimental, leading to further confinement of the child within his world and discouragement against intrusive, aggressive world of so called “neurotypical” people.

At this time we learned about the gluten free, casein free, soya free and sugar free (GFCFSF) diet. Despite the fact that we were full of doubts that such a diet can be maintained, we commenced such an effort and it was hitting the bull’s eye. It is important to mention that our diet is ZERO casein, gluten and soy, while sugars are served in their natural form as fruit and vegetable ingredients. Our diet is very restrictive including precautions against incidental contamination through dishes and cutlery used by other family members. The effects of the diet came quickly. After few days we noticed our son to be more present and trying to speak, soon he spoke his first words.

The diet implementation was extremely favorable and what is more, it is a solid basis to further biomedical therapy, which is required by any honest and responsible DAN! doctor to start the therapy. DAN! doctors consider biomedical therapy neither efficient nor effective when GFCFSF diet is not implemented. Additional results of the diet were that we got hope, optimism and belief in our actions. Continuing our biomedical therapy we shortly became patients of John Green MD, who is living in the USA, but thanks to the activity of “Nowa Nadzieja” foundation in Kalisz, Poland he is visiting Poland and conducts efficient biomedical therapy. The effects exceeded our high hopes. During the next 2-3 months our son reached the level of using simple sentences using 500 words. Doctor John Green is an exceptionally warm person, presenting absolutely top medical professionalism in order to support our child, honestly describing and enabling us taking decisions about our child.

Since ABA did not promise any hope to cure our boy we continued to search for alternative solutions. At first we found the book by Judith Bluestone “Fabric of Autism”. Judith had many challenges throughout her life, including autism traits, epilepsy, brain injury and others. She combined her own personal experiences and her studies of neuro-science to create the efficient therapy named HANDLE. While reading her book we were impressed how the description matches our son’s behavior. Looking for therapists of this method we found Jana and Paul Baptie, HANDLE practitioners, who live in vicinity of Cieszyn, Czech Republic. Thanks to exercises prescribed by them our son quickly went out of major sensory challenges. Just one month after commencement of the exercises our son visited the barber. For us it was a miraculous progress from inability to ease. We applied the method eagerly and easily because it is friendly to a child, stressless to a child and parents, being effective at the same time, as it is child tailored. HANDLE practitioners can be found worldwide.

Jana and Paul are great “Son-rise” supporters and they turned our attention to this method. Thanks to them we contacted other parents who applied this therapy running “Son-rise” programs for their children in Poland. Basic knowledge acquired through “Son-rise “workshop organized by “Byc blizej siebie” foundation in Warsaw, enabled us to go through toilet training quickly releasing oppressive diapers. We gained further knowledge at source at ATCA in USA during 3 training courses. Running medium intensive program with volunteers participation during few months we are passing further development steps of our child. We realized that our initial, natural, accepting approach to our son was in line with Son-rise program, which we came to know through lectures on the internet and books by B.N. Kaufman “Miracle to Believe In” and “Son rise”.

Today autism diagnosis of our son is a past. We can summarize our all therapy period as follows:
Fact, that we did not come to terms with our child’s outcomes was not a will-o’-the-wisp of distraught parents. We became convinced that excellent and efficient autism therapies have been worked out by professionals, who were directly affected by autism.

The Kaufmans family from USA worked out the “Son-rise” program, which efficiently cured autism of their son Raun and then many other people worldwide. Their books, especially “Son-rise” inspired us a lot. Judith Bluestone, authoress of HANDLE therapy described it in accessible and communicable way in book “Fabric of autism”. Very useful handbook of biomedical therapies is book “Children with Starving Brains” by Jaquelin McCandless MD, but this was Doctor John Green, who guided us among biomedical treatment options.

As of today our son does not show any developmental abnormalities. Speaks with full sentences, using all forms of speech (sometimes even too much as typical 8 year old boy), his IQ is measured to be above an average, formulates complex statements and questions, easily interacts with peers and other persons, recognizes and shows emotions, presence of parents and other relatives is important to him. He hugs and lets other hug eagerly. He is self-contained: undresses and dresses up, eats by himself, helps in household duties. He shows great imagination during play, sense of humor, he is spontaneous. Maintains 100% contact with environment, when he is tired or overwhelmed with the world around him – he speaks about it. He is aware of environment and possible dangers. Despite huge limitations (GFCFSF plus food intolerances) he eats varied foods, likes to try new foods. He poops regularly and normally.

He attends main stream school with no extra support. He is extraordinary brilliant young boy, has friends, enjoys spending time with them.

Success has many fathers and all of our son’s team members participated in overall success of the therapy. There are the inevitable suggestions that our diagnosis was mistaken. We have 2 independent diagnosis leaving no doubt. Not going into rhetorical details, we consider autism as curable. Thanks to complex approach and application of 3 complementary methods and relatively early commencement today we may be happy with health recovery of our son.
Thanks to continuous efforts of people around the world and in Poland autism is being discovered better and better quite quickly. Medicine doctors and specialists nominally assigned for autism treatment in public health care system are not accepting this knowledge or their previous knowledge do not let them change their beliefs. Poland is not exceptional. This is why many parents are discouraged to make efforts to cure their children and the therapies described above are under appreciated and/or ignored.

We hope that our letter will cause other parents with diagnosis will get initial hints as well and will change or will consolidate their belief that autism is curable. With respect to individuality and specialty of every child one can manage child’s development to go normally, her/his social relationship to be healthy and correct. To undertake such intensive therapy is a significant effort in time and financial resources. We ensure everybody that it is worth doing, while health and wellness of Your child is on the scale.

Especially we recommend biomedical therapy led by Dr. John Green, who guided us well and effectively among many possibilities, providing professional support, honesty, wisdom and warmth, being available for us almost every time despite being physically far away.

Note: this family lives in Poland and is open to communicating with you about their journey. Please contact if you would like to contact them.