Anonymous – U.S.A.

Before we worked with Dr. Green, our life was very difficult.  Our child suffered from autism with symptoms including screeching, groaning, head pain, flapping, spinning, repetitive behaviors, gastrointestinal pain, rashes, lack of eye contact, lack of awareness, aversion to touch and difficulty sleeping, among other things.  In addition, our child suffered from a severe eosinophilic (delayed) allergy to all foods which left him tolerating only a liquid elemental formula diet.

After working with Dr. Green and using only medical interventions such as chelation, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, far infrared sauna, Methyl B12 and antimicrobial treatments our child has completely recovered to the point that he is not only indistinguishable from “typical” children, he is at the top of his class academically and exceeds his peers socially and emotionally.  We did not use any of the behavioral therapies (ABA).

He now has normal levels of energy and is demonstrably affectionate.  He sleeps well and has no physical pain.  He is creative, outgoing and exceptionally empathetic.  In addition, he has no eosinophilic allergies to any food. 

Working with Dr. Green has been one of the most profound experiences in our lives. We are forever grateful for his brilliance, expertise, compassion, willingness to listen and ability to conceive of solutions outside of conventional limitations.  He is caring, thoughtful, open to parental ideas and input, optimistic about the potential of our children and has confidence in parents’ observations.  He draws upon a wide background of knowledge, research and experience, and couples that with keen intuition and insight.  We cannot say enough about how much our family is indebted to him and his wonderful staff.