Michał – Poland

ong>Before we started working with Dr. Green, Michał had great problems with hyperactivity and concentration. It was hard for him to focus on doing anything. He communicated in simple, short sentences. He imposed his rules on all situations, for example during play, he could not adjust to the other kids’ needs and rules. Events such as holidays caused tremendous emotions in him and recovery from them would take a few days.

After he started receiving injections of Methyl B12, taking other specially chosen supplements and after the doctor’s suggestion to change diet and environment (organic food, natural cosmetics and cleaning products, clothes from natural fabrics, natural bed), we now see that Michał has better concentration and is no longer so active on the move. This makes it easier to practice various skills and to interact with him. His speech developed, he began to use more elaborate sentences, and can talk about his feelings. He thinks and lies like his neurotypical peers. He is curious, asks a lot of questions and learns quickly.

Michał still likes to impose his rules in the play, but he can adjust. He makes compromises and agrees that his partner has a different vision of play than he does.

The last Easter was was quiet for Michał. He was excited, but it was not excessive emotions that he had not been able to cope with before.

We are grateful and happy to be able to collaborate with Dr. Green. With every problem of our child we can count on him. He gives us specific recommendations. If we contact by email we always receive a quick response from him.

Michal’s mother