Package 2 – Pure Encapsulations

Dr. Green has researched and is comfortable with several conscientious prenatal formulas regarding their calcium sources (to decrease the possibility of lead exposure), their type of folate, and their general components. Each prenatal has its strengths and weaknesses. With the prenatal as a base, Dr. Green has created this package to create optimal supplemental nutrition for women seeking to conceive and women who are pregnant.



Proper supplementation is extremely important prior to and throughout pregnancy, and can reduce the risk of miscarriage, birth defects and autism.
Start your prenatal supplementation early. Behave as if you’re pregnant, starting on the day you decide to try conceiving. The first 6 weeks of fetal development are arguably the most important phase of the pregnancy, and the baby may be well into this phase before you realize you’re pregnant. Also, some of the benefits of prenatal vitamins develop gradually and may take a few months to optimize.

There is a bewildering array of prenatal supplements available today. and most of them don’t contain every nutrient your individual body will need—it’s a complex job to put together an optimal supplement. Plus, every mom has unique nutrient needs, tolerance for oral supplements, ability to take pills several times a day, and budget. For more in detailed information about choosing a prenatal supplement, please purchase our e-book, The Autism Prevention Guidebook (link).

Optimally, I would like to evaluate your status before you start a pregnancy, and prescribe a supplement regime to optimize your nutrient levels ahead of time. During this time, we can identify other risk factors such as heavy metal burden, impaired methylation, intestinal malabsorption (impacting nutrient absorption), and food intolerances.