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Autism Resources

We ask that all of our patients join Autism360™.  a database, developed by Dr. Sydney Baker, where parents of children on the autism spectrum can anonymously enter information regarding their children’s symptoms and obtain information from other parents regarding interventions that have and have not worked. This is not only a valuable tool, but it is also is helping to guide research with regards to the causes of autism.

TACA, or Talk About Curing Autism Now is an extremely valuable resource for EVERYTHING! related to autism. Their website offers copious amounts of support and information regarding diets, how to give supplements and navigating the school system. Upon joining, every new member is paired with a mentor and receives a Journey Guide. While Oregon does not have a local chapter, Washington and Hawaii have very active chapters. Local chapters offer monthly meetings, lots of support including parent mentors.

Many helpful free webinars can be found at the Autism Research Institute’s  www.autism.com Wellness Mama and the Environmental Working Group offer many ideas for non-toxic alternatives to home cleaning and personal products.

Resources for Diet

There are many resources for diet. Some of our favorites are: Nourishing Hope, by Julie Matthews, Eat It and Beat It, by Jane Casey Special Diets for Special Kids by Lisa Lewis and Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall. Many of the concepts we discuss are expanded upon in a cookbook we love, Nourishing Meals created by Alissa Segersten and Tom Malterre, MS CN. Tom is a wise nutritionist who has made a huge contribution to the autism community and Alissa is an amazing cook. The cookbook is geared towards “raising healthy children from pre-conception onwards” and offers a delicious and balanced approach.

The internet is a vast resource for recipes for all of the diets we The internet is a vast resource for recipes for the diets we prescribe. Some of the sites we like are:

Other resources include:

If you suspect your home or your child’s toys are contaminated with lead, you can buys test kits from www.leadcheck.com or at your local hardware store.