Doctor John Green is an exceptionally warm person, presenting absolutely top medical professionalism in order to support our child, honestly describing and enabling us taking decisions about our child.
Especially we recommend biomedical therapy led by Dr. John Green, who guided us well and effectively among many possibilities, providing professional support, honesty, wisdom and warmth, being available for us almost every time despite being physically far away.

Before we started working with Dr. Green, Michał had great problems with hyperactivity and concentration. It was hard for him to focus on doing anything… After he started receiving injections of Methyl B12, taking other specially chosen supplements and after the doctor’s suggestion to change diet and environment (organic food, natural cosmetics and cleaning products, clothes from natural fabrics, natural bed), we now see that Michał has better concentration and is no longer so active on the move. 

Working with Dr. Green has been one of the most profound experiences in our lives. We are forever grateful for his brilliance, expertise, compassion, willingness to listen and ability to conceive of solutions outside of conventional limitations.  He is caring, thoughtful, open to parental ideas and input, optimistic about the potential of our children and has confidence in parents’ observations. He draws upon a wide background of knowledge, research and experience, and couples that with keen intuition and insight. We cannot say enough about how much our family is indebted to him and his wonderful staff.

I love working with Dr. Green because he listens and truly believes in my observations. We work together as a team and he always lets me know that as their parent I have the ultimate say in what we will do for our boys. He has earned my trust completely. We have observed so many hugely impactful and lasting gains for our boys through his detailed and thoughtful individualized treatment. My husband and I will be forever grateful for this miracle that Dr. Green has provided for our family.