VAXXED the Movie


Don’t see the movie, VAXXED. This is the official advice of “the establishment” to you. This is the opinion of the mayor of Houston who censored it, of film Festivals who have excluded it.

Why? Because if you do you’ll feel as I do the day after seeing it for the first time:  angry, disheartened, and betrayed by the highest medical authority in the United States.
No, if you have the stomach, do see the movie. And after seeing it, try to understand why the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has chosen to use fraudulent research to defend vaccine safety over the health of our children. Look at the scientific data which was sequestered by the CDC, but then made been made available by a senior scientist from inside the CDC.   Is it acceptable to destroy data which shows a 700% increase in autism risk for young children receiving MMR vaccine?

How can we trust this institution which chooses to destroy critical data showing this huge increase in risk? The evidence is that this has been done in order to protect the current vaccine program and preserve the status quo, which is ever rising rates of autism and all sorts of other childhood disorders. The focus of this film is on autism, but it could instead be on asthma, ADD, anaphylaxis, diabetes, other behavioral and learning disabilities in children. These have all increased severely in the past 25 years.

Yes, do see the movie, and act. Act to protect the health of your children and your grandchildren. We need a reassessment of vaccine safety. The evidence is that our current program is not safe. Millions of parents in the US are asking their pediatricians if immunizations are safe, and their pediatricians are reassuring them based on fraudulent data.  Vaccines are not the problem; the problem is lack of good science, with evidence of fraud at the highest levels.  If we are to restore the trust of our people in vaccine safety, good science must be done, with rigor and transparency.

If you can’t see the movie, read the review, “Methodological Issues and Evidence of Malfeasance in Research Purporting to Show Thimerosal in Vaccines Is Safe”, available online or thru our office. ( Ask your pediatrician to read this article and advise you about the questions raised by this review and by the movie VAXXED.